Alpha Omega Monument

Was a public large-scale exterior intervention where the sculpture simultaneously imposed and interacted with a specific site. The structure was a chaotic geodesic configuration built up by cantilever and truss like structures with the ultimate and final form being derived from the chosen site. Specifically the material was repurposed lumber typical of the housing industry. The purpose of this application is to draw attention to our social- economic predicament relating to growth in a post globalized environment. As the site is on an old mill foundation in front of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, a historical museum, the site has even more relevance regarding the installation.

The desired affect will ultimately be to stimulate dialogue towards the intervention as to their metaphorical nature. As an intervention, is it an infestation, abomination, or industrial anomaly? Ultimately the answer lies with the citizens and voting members of ArtPrize and Grand Rapids.

Technical Synopsis

The sculpture will be composed entirely of 2" x 4"x 8' spruce timber, 3/8" bolts, and 3/8" lag screws. The overall sculpture is a composite of a modified truss module that will be constructed and hoisted into position similar to barn raising with pulleys, ropes, and leverage. In very simple terms, the sculpture is composed of two layers with the ground layer composing the bulk of the sculpture which then the higher level of modules is constructed onto.

The image below illustrates the basic modified modular truss that will be constructed approximately 20 times on a case specific basis to create the sculpture.


And below is a example of the bolting method with transparent lumber for visualization purposes only (sadly cellophane lumber just wouldn't be an option, although stay tuned).



Finally, as the modules are hoisted into place using ballast and tie-offs, they will be cross braced for lateral support, double and triple checked for strength before higher levels are installed. Once the entire sculpture is secured into position, cablestays anchored to the top third of the piece will be attached to anchors on the ground for additional safety.


The Images below are photographs of the actual site provided by the Grand Rapids Public Museum.





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Alpha / Omega
Alpha/Omega Monument was constructed for the 2011 ArtPrize Festival